torsdag 18 februari 2016

Day 5 in Sydney

Hello guys!

Yesterday after I did the update we went back to the beach again, we didn't feel like doing anything so that was it, and therefor I didn't write about it last night. Right now i'm in bed ready to sleep but I decided to write about the day today.

We went up around 7am to eat breakfast, early i know but after the breakfast we went up to get ready. The plans for the day was to go and se the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge was build 1923 and is 503m tall. And guess what, they have guiding tours so you get to climb the bridge! And we did it! It was so much fun and an incredible view. You could literately see whole Sydney. That is something i am never going to forget.

We where done just before lunch so it was perfect to go get some food. But instead we went to the mall and did go shopping, the mall was beautiful. We did walk around for a while before we decided to finally go and eat. We found a restaurant called ARIA, and the food was so damn expensive but I guess some times you have to. But wow really wow I can't even describe how good the food was. And here is a picture that I snapped really quickly.
When we where done we took a taxi home, and well now I am laying in my bed so i'm going to sleep goodnight.

day 4 in Sydney

Good morning guys I did just had some breakfast orded up to my room, mm pancakes with syrup and nutella. Im sorry I didn't update you guys yesterday but when I got to the room I didn't have the energy at all to write so I went to bed and decided to write today.

And the first thing I thought about was, do you people even know anything about Australia or Sydney or anything? And I think you don't so only for you guys i'm going to write little about Australia.
And if you don't want to read just skip and read about my day.

So Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent. The climate is governed by the hot, sinking air. So it's like always hot here. But I like that because then I can tan and get brown. :)))
Anyways the capital here is Canberra but Sydney is the largest city. And the language is English if you didn't get that. So that is a good advantage. Australia is populated with 23 946 729 people and that is pretty much. But okey this was boring so now to my day yesterday.

So yesterday we woke up around 9am and went down to get some breakfast. When we had filled our stomach with plenty of food we went up to the room to get ready. And guess what, we spent the day at the beach!! The beach is called Bondi beach and it was so beautiful. And it was so hot I think I used up two pack of suncream. Around 3pm we went to get some late lunch, we found a cute beach bar/resturang where we did eat. One thing here is that it's pretty expensive, both food and clothes. But when we had eat our food we went back to the beach and relaxed for some hours. Around 7pm we went back to the hotel and we both took a shower and fixed us for the night. We went out and took a taxi to a bar that a guy at the beach recommended to us. And we had so much fun, we danced a lot and we did come home late. So there you have the reason why i didn't write yesterday. But times run and now i need to get fixed for todays adventures see you later bye.  
Picture of Bondi beach

Hi everyone !

So today was my second day in Australia (Sidney). The flight from Sweden took 48h can you get that!? First Stockholm/arlanda - Amsterdam then Amsterdam - Guangzhou and the last flight was from Guangzhou - Sidney. I brought one of the cheeper ticket from and it still was really expensive, the ticket i brought costed about 12000-13000sek, and the more expensive tickets costed about 25000sek. So yesterday all I did was sleep, to wake up with new powers for todays adventures. 

The hotell we're staying at is called Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, my friend and I       payed about 26000sek for 10 days.  
The view is to die for!

So thats the pictures of the hotell if you didn't catch that. It is really nice, good food, we have all inclusive of course so it's perfect. 

Anyway now I am going to tell you about the day i've had. First we went up around 8 am to eat breakfast. And when i'm telling you they had everything I literally mean everything! Bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, pancakes, toast, cereal, mushrooms, tomatos, all kind of fruits and juices, they even had desserts for breakfast like doughnuts and other things. 
Any ways, after the breakfast we went up to our room and took a shower and did our makeup. And at the time it was around 10am and we were going to the opera house!! And all I can say is that it was awesome, like the house is made of over 1 million white tiles. We even did eat there, at a resturang called Bennelong and the food was delicious. Later on we decided to walk around in the area for a while and then head home. So right now I am back at the hotel writing this and i'm going to sleep soon and a new update comes up tomorrow night, so goodnight guys.